You now have all the knowledge you need

You are staring at the entire knowledge you need to break into Investment Banking as a student. From CV & Cover Letter, interviewing, Excel best practices to succeeding on-the-job. Most interview prep products will give you valid but undirected content covering just one topic in vast detail. You don’t need to know the academic definition of the DCF analysis to confidently answer “Walk me through a DCF” in an interview within 3-5 minutes. Our product efficiently summarizes the most relevant points for an interview situation. You can quickly extract the most important points for your interview prep or game day rehearsal.

All of the covered items are actionable, relevant and likely too dense requiring multiple reviews. On the positive side, you won’t have to do any research on all of these topics separately (buying tons of other products for each subject). You have the entire foundation.

Start with the Executive Summary and see where you have your biggest weaknesses. Then, you go to the respective chapters and implement the best practices into your routine. This is the most important part. You have to APPLY the new information to YOUR routines. If you really want to break into Investment Banking, you have to become competent with all these topics. No cutting corners. You now have all the knowledge at your fingertips.

Keep making tweaks and eventually you’ll break through to the “next level”. Again, pick one or two things and try to incorporate them into your routine. Rinse and repeat.

Good Luck!

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