Want to Ace Your Interviews?

First, You Must Know the Secret Code...

Investment Banking is still one of the most sought after careers straight out of college. You know it. We know it. Case closed.

Not only does it offer money and big bonuses, but it’s also THE key stepping-stone for your career wherever you want to go: Private Equity, Hedge Funds or higher up the ladder in IB.

But breaking in is much harder than you think...

... because Wall Street guards its secrets like Fort Knox its gold.

Landing an Investment Banking job is not about the skills to DO the job... But about the skills to GET the job.

Two DIFFERENT pairs of shoes!

The untold truth is that everything you’ve learned so far is practically useless when it comes to interviewing. It's a whole new skill set...

  • Technical knowledge alone? Not good enough.
  • A high GPA? Not good enough.
  • Great connections? Not good enough.
  • And a CV full of high-profile internships? Not good enough.

Your interviewer’s job isn’t to find the best candidates... But to eliminate the wannabes. They’ll stress test you. Confuse you. They will do everything to break you.

  • You will be grilled technically...
  • You will be hit with complex brain teasers designed to trick you...
  • You will be tested for your knowledge of the industry and their bank...
  • You will be examined closely on your ability to function under pressure and think on your feet...

They’ll pick you apart to see what you're made of:

  • Your body language and tone of voice...
  • Your character and confidence...
  • Your presentation skills and presence in front of clients and colleagues...
  • Your ability to both lead and follow at the appropriate time...
  • And they’ll decide if you have the proper "manners" to make the cut...

In short, the Investment Banking Interview process is grueling. You will be eaten up alive if you don’t know what you're doing and are just "winging it".

There is Only one Way:

Learn From Those who Walked Your Path before

The best way to learn anything is to simply follow the footsteps of those who done it successfully. Like learning from a big brother, who has successfully navigated this processlanded a lucrative offer and is now on the other side.

Only then will you know the "secret code" of IB interviews to ace your interviews and beat your competition: the thousands of straight-A finance enthusiast who are willing to grind it out.

And once you have this knowledge, the gauntlet will be like a walk in the park.

Others are left confused and intimidated, you’ll be calm, cool and collected because it's an open book test for you.

While others are cramming last minute, you are reviewing your game plan for the third time. All questions in place. That's your edge!

And while others end up working in back offices earning half your salary, you’ll be climbing the Investment Banking ladder.

NO Errors Allowed:

Less Than 2% of Applicants Make the Cut

  • You must know everythingbefore the interview. This is serious business. You can’t just wing it walking into a highly competitive Investment Banking interview. Most are rejected because they were not prepared ENOUGH thinking they could rely on their strongest skill. You need to know exactly what you are doing. You need to know ALL of the key concepts that will be thrown at you. You cannot cut corners.

  • You must learn how to interview – NOT how to memorize questions. It’s an interview. It’s a dynamic conversation. Simply memorizing answers will only get so fare. Suddenly you are hit with an unexpected "fit question". You are caught completely off-guard. Now what? You need the industry knowledge of how the recruiting process works from those who were on the other side. There is a "correct" way to competently handle all types of derailing questions.

  • You must project confidence at all times. Just one crack of insecurity in your voice or body language… and the interviewers smell your fear. You will be challenged even harder at that point. Good luck! You need to master the content to the point where you can easily and confidently walk through it – as if it’s your second nature. That’s how you set yourself apart from your competition.

  • One single error will kill all your chances. This is not University anymore. All you need is one candidate, who has his game better together, for you to lose your offer. Your competition does not sleep. They are working relentlessly to up their interview game. The recruiting process is designed to weed out the wannabes from the “run through a brick wall” candidates. You must put on your A game – every single time.

In Short: You will NOT make it without an edge.

“It took us over 5 years of trial-and-error to crack the code. A rejection meant waiting another full year. When we finally broke into Investment Banking, we vowed ourselves to pass on the knowledge to others as well.”

Our expert team of ex-Investment Bankers

What You Will Learn

Build Your Job-Winning resume

Expert resume writing tips from start to finish – incl. templates. Beat your writers block. No more worrying about wrong content and missed opportunities. You will get professional advice on how to build your CV and which internships to choose to get interviews.

Ace Your Interviews

Fit questions, technical questions and the right mindset to ace your interviews. Proven methods from ex-IB professionals. No more worrying about missed questions and lost jobs. You will get access to proven Executive Summaries that are geared towards interview performance covering all major concepts — no academic fluff.

Master Your Excel

Breeze through Excel without a mouse! All best practices to tackle everything Investment Banking throws at you – incl. templates and case studies. No more worrying about Excel or getting reamed because you are too slow. All Excel best practices in one place from formatting to formulas. Breeze through Excel and impress your Senior Bankers.

Survive and Thrive in the Jungle

You won your IB job. What’s next? Succeeding on-the-job. Expert tips on how to survive and thrive. Secrets tips on how to increase your performance. No more worrying about office politics or stepping on someone’s toes. You will get a clear vision of top tier interns, who land offers vs bottom tier interns, who are silently let go.

Who is This Program for?

It's the ultimate guide for Investment Banking interviews. Specifically designed for MBAs, post-grads and undergrads, finance and liberal arts students and anyone interviewing for a career in:

Investment Banking (Mergers & Acquisition), Corporate Finance and Transaction Services

It's a knowledge base that solves all your headaches from student to entering the workforce: resume editing, interviewing, Excel modeling and succeeding on-the-job. All the best practices and wisdom from seasoned ex-Investment Bankers in one place.

Everything you'll ever need to start your high-profile finance career in one place.

Full Course Agenda

  Executive summary
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  CV, cover letter & application process
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Fit questions
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Understanding Investment Banking
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Debugging and troubleshooting your application process
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Motivation and mindset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Excel best practices for Investment Banking
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Succeeding on-the-Job
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Parting thoughts
Available in days
days after you enroll

Consider This an Investment in YOUR Career...

After all, you’ve likely already spent tens of thousands of Euros on college tuition and textbooks that don’t even get you interviews... When you land your coveted Investment Banking job, you’ll be making well over 100,000 €...

And that’s just the beginning of a long and very LUCRATIVE career. This is your FOUNDATION

We could easily charge thousands of Euros and your ROI would still be huge…

However, for just a fraction of the price of your (useless) textbooks, you get the experience and best practices of a full-time professional handed down to you. When you think about, it’s a no brainer.

Sure, you can figure it out on your own. But it would take forever! Yes, information is abundantly available for free. But think about it. You would have to find, organize it, test it and most importantly incorporate it into your workflow. All of that while keeping your GPA up! What a hassle. You don't have time for that!

It would take too long… and by the time you are ready, you will have missed your opportunity. Your chances of getting a job in IB will be slimmer and slimmer each and every year. All while your peers are getting ahead with their Investment Banking and Private Equity careers.

Your Choice is Simple.

Get Unlimited Access to the iBankingAdvice Interview Guide

Everything you'll ever need to start your elite Investment Banking career.

Your Opportunities are VERY Limited... You Only Have ONE Good Shot

This is the dirty little secret nobody is telling you. If you don’t land your IB job by the time you graduate, your chances of breaking into the industry are slim to none. You don’t get unlimited chances to interview and collect “practice experiences”. This is serious business.

Banks will sort you out as “damaged goods” once you are too old. Don’t believe us? Talk to our friends. They are stuck in back office roles after failing their interviews. They will never have the chance to make the move again.

You will have an extremely difficult time making up for a wrong start. Your competition is getting better and better with real IB work experience while you are still busy breaking in. It is going to be an uphill battle. You need to break in quickly and start collecting “street-cred”.

Yes, this is make it or break it time – not just for this job, but for your entire career. Your next interviews have the potential to determine whether you will land your dream career. 

We’re not exaggerating… Landing a job in Investment Banking is the most important stepping-stone of your career. It’s the essential launchpad to Private Equity, Hedged Funds and Senior Investment Banking roles. Not to mention multimillion-euro deals, high paying salaries and access to a network only few will ever get to.

Don’t let one missed question cost you your entire Investment Banking career.

We’ll give you everything you need to land the IB job you want… 

  • How to professionally edit your CV & cover letter... never worry about wrong bullets and missed opportunities again
  • How to ace all technical questions... never feel the pain of missing one question that could have changed everything
  • How to shine with tricky behavioral questions... never feel helpless when hit with an unexpected curve ball
  • How to master Excel like a pro... never feel inadequate because you are taking too long
  • How to navigate office politics to maximize your chances of a return offer... never feel clueless in an office set up while constantly stepping on other people’s toes

This is the entire body of knowledge you need to unlock the door to one of the most elite and exclusive professions in the world.

Don’t get stuck on the sideline while everyone is getting ahead with their careers.

Let us help you piece the puzzle together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for exactly for?

Everyone who is interviewing for Investment Banking (Mergers & Acquisition), Corporate Finance and Transaction Services roles. The content will cover both internships as well as full-time recruiting. The questions are basically the same. You just have less room for errors and are expected to answer them more confidently in full-time recruiting.

We intended this course to be your knowledge base that covers all your headaches from student to entering the workforce: resume editing, interviewing, Excel modeling and succeeding on-the-job. All the best practices and wisdom in one place.

Why can’t I just research all the interview questions and watch free YouTube videos?

You can definitely do that! But one of the biggest advantages of having this course is that all of the relevant information is compiled for you in one place. Chances are, if you are a beginner, you don’t even know what to search for to get the entire picture. You already have a packed semester schedule. In addition, you need to research, check, summarize and organize the key insights from every piece of content. We’ve done all that for you; all you have to do is follow along. And don’t forget about your competition. They’ll be relying on coaching products as well. You only need one other candidate to use a coaching product and to have his stuff together for you to lose the job.

But I already know how an IB interview looks like. Why should I buy your course?

We get it. You don’t start from zero. However, every skill level has its challenges. Let us show you what’s in it for you depending on your “self-rated” level:

Beginner: Maybe you have just gotten into trying to break into Investment Banking. For you, it’s no more research. You will have the complete picture of what you have to prepare for including the content. You know exactly what to expect. Of course, you would still have to work on assimilating the content, but it’s already there in one neat place. (plus, all of the benefits below as you progress)

Intermediate: You have some interview experience, but you are having mixed results. Some parts you do well. Some parts you are caught off-guard. You somehow you can’t make the big picture work consistently. We give you all the major building blocks. You can look at the different areas and see where you lack and then focus exclusively on those modular chapters. You don’t have to work through the entire course. Just pick the chapters you are really struggling with. Once interview day comes along, you have all your Executive Summaries in one place for quick review. (plus, all of the benefits below as you progress)

Advanced: Ok, so your interview performance is consistent with no major flaws. What’s next? We have you covered with an Excel modeling training that teaches the most used shortcuts, formulas and formatting conventions. In addition, we also added a chapter regarding best-practices for succeeding on-the-job. This chapter describes how top-tier professionals distinguish themselves from bottom-tier professionals. These tips will help you learn quicker and waste less time on-the-job while increasing your chances of landing a return offer.

What happens if I click buy?

You will get instant lifetime access to 70+ Executive Summaries covering proven best practices for resume editing, interviewing, Excel modeling and succeeding on-the-job. It’s a text-based format that is very densely written. You get the insights in an easy to consume and easy to reference format. We are not going to let you sit through 17+ hours of video and have you take notes. We give you Executive Summaries.

 How long will it take me to break into Investment Banking?

This depends on your own effort to assimilate the content and how much you apply for IB positions. If you are starting from scratch it may take longer than if you’ve already had some interview experience. With this course you have all the knowledge you need in one place. You don’t have to look anywhere else. This is all you need to know.

 How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access. You can access the course from desktop, mobile web as well as the teachable app. It’s really all your most important notes in your pocket.

Will you add more content overtime?

Yes. We continue to add new lectures, templates and more. The course will continue to evolve and improve. We will keep it up to date with the latest changes in recruiting content.